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How Do you prove
The Enoch and 
Zadok Solar Calendars are false?
Did Enoch create the Zadok Calendar? 

What about the Jubilee Calendar that is associated with Enoch? 

Who are the Essenes that lived in Qumran?

How is all of this connected to the Hasmoneans and the Temple?

Did You Know the Hasmoneans tore down the Temple?

Isaiah 25-35 Said they would do it!

Why was the “Teacher of Righteousness” amongst the Essenes?

Was Simon the Hasmonean really “The wicked Priest” as found in the Dead Sea Scrolls?

Do we have proof of an older calendar system that we can verify from the scriptures?

Most assuredly, we do!!!

Does it prove the Enoch and Zadok Calendar as frauds? 

With great ease!

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